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Bill of Materials provides management with the capability to define product structures and maintain important engineering information.

Product Capabilities

  • Supports multi-level Bills of Material
  • Allows for forecasted, active, and obsolete components
  • Provides a pick list by bill
  • Maintains unlimited notes for all components
  • Supports unlimited Bills of Material per part by allowing multiple engineering and release numbers per part
  • Supports reference designators for each component
  • Supports modular and obsolete bills
  • Supports forecasted/planning bills
  • Prints a Bill of Materials Cost Report providing material cost analysis by average, standard, or last cost

Application Details

  • Multi-level Bill of Materials supports up to 99 levels of different product structures.
  • Bill of Materials Cost Analysis Report provides material costs by average, standard, or last costs.
  • Bill of Materials maintains multiple engineering release and revision numbers for each bill of material.
  • Effectivity Date Capability supports planning for forecasted and/or obsolete items. Pick list provides the component quantities with the drawing and revision number required to produce a product.
  • Unlimited notes for each component allow configuration instructions for assisting production personnel with product assembly.
  • Component Scrap Factors provide management with the ability to accurately estimate inventory usage.
  • Mass Item Replacement allows replacement of obsolete part numbers.
  • Copy Bill of Materials function allows quick replication of standard or similar products.


  • Summarized Bill of Materials Report shows all the components by quantity required through the lowest level. It is the classical parts list (each part listed once) with the total quantity-required at all levels to make one item.
  • Single Level Bill Inquiry Report displays all components for the first level of a product configuration or kit.
  • The Bill of Materials interface with Shop Floor Control will incorporate notes with the "traveler" or the Shop Packet Report.
  • The Where Used Report identifies all parent items for selected component items used.
  • Additional reports are available, as well as the capability to create and customize individual reports.


  • My ERP's Bill of Materials is fully integrated with the standard My ERP security application. User passwords will provide controlled access to the Bill of Materials module.

System Integration

  • Bill of Materials requires Inventory Management and interfaces with Configuration Management, Shop Floor Control, Material Requirements Planning, Master Scheduling, and Customer Order Processing.