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Configuration Management is a comprehensive tool used to select features and options in the configuration of products during order entry.

Product Capabilities

  • Supports standard product features with no options
  • Supports products with features with optional or standard options
  • Supports products with required features and options for all product configurations
  • Provides user with the ability to define joint products and by-products
  • Maintains a sales history for each feature with the option to give visibility to more popular features
  • Invoice detail may optionally include option details

Application Details

  • Features File Maintenance allows the user to specify non-inventory features to use in the bills of material
  • Interactive integration with Customer Order Processing and Shop Floor Control allows for selection of each feature and option to support sales, order processing, and production of work orders.
  • Configuration Management System Defaults maintains sales history, option pricing method, price rounding factor, and options for invoice printing.


  • Configuration Sales History Report lists options and features that have been sold within a specified time period.


  • My ERP's Configuration Management is fully integrated with the standard My ERP security application. User passwords will provide controlled access to the Configuration Management module.

System Integration

  • Configuration Management requires My ERP's Bill of Materials and Inventory Management modules. It can be installed to offer on-line integration with Shop Floor Control and Customer Order Processing modules.