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Customer Order Processing streamlines the customer order cycle by giving on-line access to customer, inventory, and shipping information. It also provides the information necessary to maintain effective customer service levels.

Product Capabilities

  • Features a user-configurable order entry screen, designed for large volumes of sales  orders
  • Provides on-line selections of features and options when linked to the Configuration Management module
  • Prints pick tickets, order acknowledgements, invoices, credit memos, and quotations
  • Fully integrated with inventory for on-line verification, allocation, and backordering of line items at entry time
  • Provides on-line credit checks and credit card orders
  • Supports multiple warehouse distribution
  • Provides for multiple customer ship-to and bill-to addresses
  • Provides warranty and lot/serial tracking
  • Automatically calculates and records sales tax
  • Supports flexible pricing and discounting by item, product category, customer, and customer type with effectivity dates
  • Provides on-line "Available to Promise" quantities
  • Supports Electronic Data Interchange and Shipping modules
  • Provides detail and summary Sales Analysis Reporting

Application Details

  • Matrix pricing & discounting allows flexible discounting by products, product type, customer, customer type, and combinations thereof. Up to ten levels of price discounts are supported.
  • Customer Order Processing on-line inventory validation verifies stocking levels, and offers real-time updating of inventory. Each order reduces the available on-hand stocking levels in inventory for future orders.
  • The on-line customer account provides real-time credit validation, and updates customer balances. The available credit for each customer is reduced for each sales order at the time of order entry.
  • Order Processing has an option that maintains product warranty information.  Warranty periods are automatically calculated by date of invoice or can be manually overridden. Warranty inquiry allows the user to display warranty expiration and invoice dates.
  • Unlimited notes for each line item allow the user to enter special instructions. These instructions may be printed on either the invoice, picking ticket, or order acknowledgment.


  • The Open Order Report summarizes inventory requirements by customer and product. The five standard reports identify on-hand inventory, allocations, and any outstanding quantities on order in purchasing.
  • Backorder Analysis helps improve customer service by identifying orders to be filled by promise or request date.
  • Order Inquiry provides easy look up of customer orders by customer name, purchase order, or product number or description.
  • Picking Tickets may be printed in a sequence that streamlines order fulfillments.  Picking Tickets may be printed by promise, request, or ship date in bin number or order line number sequence.
  • Detail Sales History and Analysis allows management to evaluate profit contribution by product and customer. Product sales can  be analyzed by state, territory, salesman, tax code, and product category.


  • My ERP's Customer Order Processing is fully integrated with the standard My ERP security application. User passwords will provide controlled access to the Customer Order Processing module.

System Integration

  • My ERP's Customer Order Processing requires My ERP's Accounts Receivable and Inventory Management modules. Customer Order Processing interfaces with Shipping, Configuration Management, Master Scheduling, Job Costing, Shop Floor Control, Material Requirements Planning, and EDI.