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Electronic Data Interchange is a management tool that automatically creates and electronically sends outgoing invoices and incoming orders for intercompany communications.

Product Capabilities

  • Validates all incoming transactions and recommends changes prior to import
  • Allows the editing of transactions prior to import or export
  • Links to any third party communications system
  • EDI Conversion Table provides the user with the ability to customize the conversion of transactions imported and exported
  • Provides a file mapper to allow translation of data between any file format and the My ERP system

Application Details

  • EDI allows the user to edit any incoming or outgoing transaction sets with a "point and shoot" interface.
  • The EDI Master File allows the user to import and export EDI transactions from a compatible file.
  • File Translations are identified and maintained in the EDI Translation File Maintenance.


  • The contents of the EDI Master File, which holds incoming and outgoing transaction sets, can be printed in the Print Transaction Report.
  • Add Incoming Orders Report may be run to show the net effect of adding incoming transaction sets to data files.


  • My ERP's Electronic Data Interchange is fully integrated with the standard My ERP security application. User passwords will provide controlled access to the EDI module.

System Integration

  • Electronic Data Interchange is a stand-alone module and can be installed to offer on-line integration with the Customer Order Processing module.