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Inventory Management is a comprehensive system designed to improve company efficiency by providing management with timely information for making inventory decisions and allowing detailed classifications of parts.

Product Capabilities

  • Unlimited locations are supported with unlimited bins per location
  • Supports serial and lot number tracking
  • On-hand quantities allow from 0 to 3 decimal places
  • Maintains detail history for all transactions  and statistics such as month-to-date and year-to-date sales, usage, and costs
  • Supports a 25-digit alphanumeric part number
  • Maintains average, last, and standard costs per item, allowing from 4 to 6 decimal places
  • Supports inventory control by reorder point and MRP
  • Supports the cross referencing of customer and vendor part numbers to internal part numbers
  • Unlimited notes for each item allow entry of detailed item descriptions and may be automatically copied to customer and purchase orders
  • Supports purchasing and manufacturing units of measure with automatic stocking conversions, upon receipt of parts

Application Details

  • Transaction History is optionally maintained for all transactions affecting the stocking level of any part. Inventory history is essential for part number auditing and identifying cycle count variances.
  • Subsidiary File Maintenance is used to maintain cross reference, valid bins, item bin, lot/serial, location, and reject reasons files.
  • Transaction Processing allows the user to manually enter inventory receipts, and issue transfers and rejects.
  • Stock Status Inquiry gives the user an on-line query into on-hand status at the various locations. Certain management information is also displayed.
  • Physical Inventory Processing is used to perform cycle counts in addition to total physical counts. Data Entry is minimized by the generation of count tags. Various ranges are allowed for selection of items to count.
  • Maintains engineering drawing and revision numbers for items in inventory. Engineering information is fully interfaced with the production modules, including Bill of Materials and Material Requirements Planning.User-defined Warranty Periods allow management to track items under warranty. Product warranties can be tracked through My ERP's Customer Order Processing module by customer, invoice number, and date of sale.


  • The ABC Analysis Report identifies item usage by a user-defined percentage. Management can use "what if" analysis to calculate different percentages and the affect upon inventory valuation prior to updating the inventory.
  • Reorder Advice Report identifies items within a management specified percent of their reorder point.
  • Inventory Turns Report summarizes inventory movement by product category. Current year figures may be generated with either month-to-date or year-to-date data, and are compared with prior year inventory turns.
  • Quality Assurance Reports are available to give visibility to the performance of vendors and internal work centers/employees. Acceptance rates and substandard receipts, as well as other information can be tracked. The reports may be printed in either summary or detail.


  • My ERP's Inventory Management is fully integrated with the standard My ERP security application. User passwords will provide controlled access to the Inventory Management module.

System Integration

  • Inventory Management is integrated with Bill of Materials, Customer Order Processing, Purchase Order and Receiving, Shop Floor Control, Standard Product Routing, Standard Product Costing, Material Requirements Planning, and Master Scheduling.