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Labor Performance is a vital tool designed for management to identify employee performance and improve labor utilization.

Product Capabilities

  • Tracks and generates payroll attendance records for use in calculating payroll
  • Provides for piece rate incentive pay
  • Supports time clock entry and editing
  • Information may be manually entered or obtained from the Data Collection module
  • Provides a complete analysis of employee and supervisor performance
  • Supports automatic calculation of break time by shift
  • Supports hourly and salaried employees, as well as employees who are paid by piece rates
  • Allows entry of regular, overtime, and double time wages

Application Details

  • Historical information is automatically updated when labor transactions are posted to the Employee Master File.
  • All employee attendance data is verified for full integration with Payroll.
  • Audit Trail Records are automatically maintained for each transaction, tracking  clock card changes.
  • Labor Transactions capture date, shift, location, and employee number start and stop times, as well as quantity completed and rejected.


  • The Labor Performance Report provides a complete analysis of employee performance, including percent direct hours and percent productivity.
  • The Labor Performance Data Report shows the efficiency of an employee's direct labor operations, the ratio of direct hours to the total hours worked, and measures the combined effectiveness of the employee and the supervisor.
  • Detail for a week, month, year, or previous year can be printed in the Employee Labor Performance Data Report.
  • Additional reports are available, as well as the capability to create and customize individual reports.


  • My ERP's Labor Performance is fully integrated with the standard My ERP security application. User passwords will provide controlled access to the Labor Performance module.

System Integration

  • Labor Performance is a stand-alone module and can be installed to offer on-line integration with Data Collection, Payroll, Shop Floor Control, and Inventory Management modules.