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Master Scheduling provides management with the tools necessary to efficiently create a master production schedule, showing the resources required to implement it.

Product Capabilities

  • Generates a time-phased master production schedule based on current and forecasted demands and supplies
  • Includes Resource Requirements Planning which allows management to include critical resources, such as warehouse space and revenue, in the regeneration
  • Calculates an Available To Promise, which is maintained on-line in Customer Order Processing
  • Generates a multi-level pegging
  • Uses a fast, bucketless regeneration algorithm
  • Has four different "buckets" available for printing reports; two of these are user- defined

Application Details

  • The Master Schedule Maintenance allows the user to control demands and supplies necessary to the production schedule.
  • Forecast, customer, shop, purchase, and firm-planned orders can be maintained to produce the master schedule.
  • Critical resources, such as warehouse space, cooling system capacity, cash, and labor, can be used in the rough cut capacity plan.
  • Four calendars are defined in Calendar Maintenance. Two may be user-defined.
  • Calculate Production Schedule produces the rough cut capacity plan, material requirements, and available to promise items.
  • "What if" scenarios can be produced after redefining the default values in the Maintain Regeneration Defaults application.
  • Quantities of items available to promise to a customer and the date available is shown in the Available To Promise Inquiry.


  • The Master Schedule by Period Report allows the user to define up to 30 periods and prints by selected product categories and specified ranges of item numbers.
  • The Resource Requirements Report defines overloaded resources in the schedule, and can be printed in detail or as a graph.
  • All orders which were tagged with exceptions during the regeneration process are listed in the Exceptions Report. Exceptions include excess order quantities and orders recommended for delay.
  • The Pegging Report, which is printed in outline format, lists the path from orders to the actual customer or shop order.
  • The Planned Orders Report lists items by number and show order quantity, order release date, order due date, and an exception code if applicable.
  • Additional reports are available, as well as the capability to create and customize individual reports.


  • My ERP's Master Scheduling is fully integrated with the standard My ERP security application. User passwords will provide controlled access to the Master Scheduling module.

System Integration

  • Master Scheduling requires My ERP's Inventory Management and Bill of Materials modules. It can also be installed to offer on-line integration with Customer Order Processing, Purchase Order and Receiving, Shop Floor Control, and Materials Requirement Planning modules.