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Purchase Order and Receiving is a comprehensive package designed to maintain complete purchasing records for tracking vendor performance and scheduling receipts of purchased materials, as well as enhance a buyer's productivity.

Product Capabilities

  • Prints purchase orders, releases, changes, and cancellations
  • Supports standard and blanket purchase orders
  • Allows unlimited notes and promise dates for each line item
  • Purchased parts may be assigned to multiple jobs
  • Allows cross referencing of in-house part numbers to vendor part numbers
  • Maintains on-line total purchase order value
  • Notifies the user of early or late shipments and quantity variances
  • Generates vendor performance statistics for each item and vendor
  • Interacts with the Q.A. Submodule to provide detailed analysis of vendor performance regarding rejects and substandard receipts
  • Identifies scheduled receipts for expediting parts
  • Allows purchase of non-inventory items
  • Provides drop ship capability
  • Allows user to select on-line or batch processing of receipts

Application Details

  • Purchase Order Entry allows the user to specify the vendor number, buyer, shipping information, and the terms of the sale.
  • Receipt Processing for purchased items alerts the user to early shipments and any variances with expected price and quantities.
  • Unlimited note capability for each line item in Purchase Order Entry supports descriptions that can be utilized to provide the vendor with detailed part specifications. This detail can be used to verify that the type and quality of material is consistent with management requirements.
  • The Item Vendor Inquiry provides a listing of multiple vendors who supply a particular part. The displayed data includes the vendor, minimum order, quantity, lead time, and performance statistics.


  • The Vendor Performance Analysis Report summarizes the ability of any vendor to deliver quality products on time and at the expected cost. Percentages for variances with rejects, over-shipments, under-shipments, dates, and costs are provided.
  • The Scheduled Receipts Report identifies when material is expected to arrive based upon information maintained by the buyer. The report summarizes the expected quantities, the number of days late, job number, and the extended cost for each item.
  • Additional reports are available, as well as the capability to create and customize individual reports.


  • Purchase Order & Receiving is fully integrated with the standard My ERP security application. User passwords will provide controlled access to the Purchase Order & Receiving module.

System Integration

  • My ERP's Purchase Order & Receiving module requires Accounts Payable and Inventory Management. Purchase Order & Receiving also interfaces with Material Requirements Planning and Shop Floor Control modules. When interfaced with My ERP's Accounts Payable package, it provides significant vendor information for the buyer during purchase order entry.