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Shop Floor Control is a comprehensive tool used for scheduling and managing production. This application provides management with the ability to produce work orders, record all labor or material shop transactions, and analyze all variances for scheduling, material usage, and labor.

Product Capabilities

  • Allows creation of shop orders from existing customer orders
  • Provides shop scheduling tools, allowing both forward and backward scheduling with a "point-and-shoot" interface
  • Supports co-product/by-product production, as well as "split-lot" receipts
  • Supports automatic "backflushing" of materials
  • Tracks rejects and rework, as well as material shortages
  • Supports bar coding for capturing of labor and material data
  • Supports multiple manufacturing locations and separate component issue locations
  • Provides a user-defined shop calendar for indicating work and non-work days

Application Details

  • Shop Order File Maintenance allows the creation of and changes to shop orders. Either shop order templates or Bills of Materials and routings may be used to create the shop orders.
  • Repetitive Shop Order Opening supports the quick creation and release of shop orders for standard parts produced by make-to-stock and discrete manufacturers.
  • Release Shop Orders permits the release of a range of shop orders to the production floor. The release function creates a shop packet and a material pick list, and checks for material shortages.
  • Shop Floor Transaction Processing allows labor and material data to be entered into the shop orders. Support for substitute and replacement components is included. On-line creation of unplanned operations is supported.
  • Shop Scheduling & Analysis provides the applications and reports to assist with shop scheduling. Forward, backward, and manual scheduling may be used. Operation work dates and material used dates are calculated, and work center loading is checked. It also notifies the user of overloaded work centers.
  • Work Center Maintenance allows the user to define such work center related issues as capacity, efficiency, number of workers/machines and how the center is loaded. Statistics on each work center are automatically maintained. The Shop Calendar is maintained in Calendar Maintenance. Four calendars are allowed, with three of them user-defined.  The calendars are fully integrated with the My ERP MRP and Master Scheduling modules.


  • Bar Code Report produces bar coded shop packets for items, routings, and job numbers. These can be used in conjunction with light pen readers and My ERP's Data Collection module to collect data in a real time mode.
  • The Exceptions Report identifies variances in production scheduling, material consumed, and labor required throughout production.
  • Dispatch List summarizes all jobs for each work center for a specific period of time.
  • Material Pick List shows all materials needed for a range of shop orders.
  • Each Shop Order calculates material shortages for all components and produces an optional Material Shortage Report.
  • The Shop Packet Report shows all operations and materials required to manufacture the product.


  • My ERP's Shop Floor Control is fully integrated with the standard My ERP security application. User passwords will provide controlled access to the Shop Floor Control module.

System Integration

  • Shop Floor Control requires My ERP's Inventory Management and also interfaces with Bill of Materials, Job Cost, Standard Product Routing, Labor Performance, Data Collection, Materials Requirement Planning, Master Scheduling, and Customer Order Processing.