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Standard Product Routing provides for the creation, maintenance, and reporting of information describing operations, tools, and notes used in the manufacture of finished goods and sub-assemblies.

Product Capabilities

  • Allows interactive entry and editing of routing data information, with unlimited routings allowed per part
  • Maintains labor standards at the operation level
  • Allows standard man and machine hours on a "hours per piece" or "pieces per hour" basis
  • Supports various countpoint operations and other operation types including productive, setup, move, and re-work
  • Supports overlapping operations
  • Supports general routings and templates, from which other routings may be created, reducing data entry time
  • Provides tooling information control
  • Provides for standardization of common operations
  • User creates new routings by copying from existing ones
  • Stores notes by operations which can be used for operational instructions

Application Details

  • Routing File Maintenance provides on-line entry and editing to add, change, and delete routings.
  • Routing Inquiry provides an on-screen method of viewing the detail contained in the operations of specific routings.
  • Copy Routing gives the user the ability to create new routings from existing ones.  New routings can be resequenced if chosen.
  • Work Center Maintenance allows the user to define the various work centers in your shop. The user may specify the number of workers and machines, capacity, queue time, efficiency, and other information.
  • Calculate Lead Times allows the user to calculate loaded or unloaded lead times for parts based on their routings. The user may optionally update the Item Master File.


  • Standard Product Routing Reports include the Routing Sheet, Routing Summary Sheet, and General Routing Usage Report.
  • A Work Center Productivity Report is available to assist management in pin-pointing problem areas within the shop. Additional reports are available, as well as the capability to create and customize individual reports.


  • My ERP's Standard Product Routing is fully integrated with the standard  My ERP security application. User passwords will provide controlled access to the Standard Product Routing module.

System Integration

  • Standard Product Routing requires My ERP's Inventory Management module. It also interfaces with Shop Floor Control, Standard Product Costing, and Labor Performance.